Reinvent Australia’s campaigns are designed to foster discussion, inform members, galvanise supporters and change decision-making. These are led by Members who have been designated as “Reinventors”. Our current campaigns are:

  • Reinventing Manufacturing
    This campaign has as its focus how Australia can progress towards high-value-add nation with manufacturing being a significant contributor to wealth generation and high-skilled employment. The campaign is jointly led by Angus M Robinson, Linda Weiss and Elizabeth Thurbon.
  • Reinventing National Performance Measurement
    The focus of this campaign is on how to measure national progress besides growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This involves a refocus away from economic growth per se to an emphasis on the quality of life of Australians. The issue being addressed is: What would a performance scorecard that tracks national outcomes beyond GDP look like? This campaign is led by Graham Kenny.
  • Reinventing National Strategic Planning
    The focus of this campaign is on resolving the dynamic tension between the need for long-term planning and the pressure of the short-term electoral cycle. The issue is: How can Australia as a modern democracy design a system to develop a national strategic plan that provides direction while still maintaining flexibility to change? This campaign is led by Graham Kenny.
  • Reinventing Copyright
    Reinvent Australia has brought together a roundtable of the best minds to look at the issue of copyright reform by embracing the needs of all generations of readers, writers, book buyers, librarians, literary agents, booksellers and publishers. This campaign is led by Oliver Freeman.