The TPP Is (Nearly) Back – and It’s Bad News for Australia – Elizabeth Thurbon and Linda Weiss

In this week’s news, year-long efforts to revive the controversial Transpacific Partnership trade agreement came to a head. The original deal was scuttled in late 2016, when newly-elected American President Donald Trump withdrew his country from the 12-nation pact. Since that time, the 11 remaining nations – Australia included – have been working to ‘rescue’ the deal. The agreement the so-called ‘ [...]

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To Secure Our National Prosperity: Rebadge a Legacy, Don’t Trash It – Elizabeth Thurbon and Linda Weiss

This week we have been amply reminded of a very large problem -- perhaps the biggest problem -- that plagues our political system. This is the problem of partisan divide that stymies initiatives designed to secure our nation’s future prosperity.  Though not unique to this country, Australia is perhaps the most strident example of the problem -- currently running a close tie with Trump’s America. T [...]

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Australia’s Manufacturing Myths: Why Do They Keep Appearing? – Elizabeth Thurbon and Linda Weiss

The closure of the Holden car plant in South Australia on Friday - the country’s last automotive producer - has returned the issue of manufacturing’s future in Australia to the centre of public debate. But this debate continues to be marred by the same old myths about why manufacturing has no future in this country. Over the past week, various media commentators have cited high labour costs, geogr [...]

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Reinvent Australian Manufacturing – Elizabeth Thurbon and Linda Weiss

The evidence is now in from around the globe: a healthy manufacturing base is vital to national prosperity. Manufacturing – especially advanced manufacturing – does not just create and support high- skilled, well-paid jobs across the entire economy. Manufacturing also underpins the nation’s innovation engine. In many industries, the research findings show that if you cannot test your ideas in the [...]

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