Articles: “Reinvent Australia Review”

/Articles: “Reinvent Australia Review”

How to Grow a Business in a No-Growth Economy – Graham Kenny

Economic growth finds itself subject to a pincer movement of pressures. On one side is society railing against the depletion of resources, dissemination of species and climate change. On the other side is the family, with global birth rates tumbling. For example in the U.S. the rate is 1.86 births per woman, well below the required replacement rate of 2.1, and in Japan the population is predicted [...]

When Did Economic Growth Become an Obsession? – Graham Kenny

Economic growth is always in the headlines. News bulletins report on it as though it was the approaching of hurricane Maria. Yet it wasn’t always so. Here I trace the origins of this paradigm and ask: Is the single-minded pursuit of economic growth doing us more harm than good? Is there a more nuanced purpose to our economies that we and our politicians need to focus on if we are to have a brighte [...]

Australian Advanced Manufacturing: Emerging Bright Spots – Angus M Robinson

As we move into 2017, the Australian Government is placing much faith into its Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) which points to the success of a number of globally focused Australian advanced manufacturers. AMGC claims that “these companies employ a large number of scientists and collaborate heavily with universities and the CSIRO”, citing perhaps the “best-known example of Cochlear, wh [...]

Australian Manufacturing: Do We Need a Trump Card? – Angus M Robinson

Recently, the Sydney Morning Herald led with the provocative headline - ‘Manufacturing proves the political issue that unites Australians!’ and posed the question, ‘what do Donald Trump, Nick Xenophon, Pauline Hanson and 83 per cent of Australians have in common?’  It provided the answer – ‘they want to make more stuff locally’. Surely what humbug, as exhibited by Australian punters when it comes [...]

Annual Report 2016 – Graham Kenny

ANNUAL REPORT SPEECH 2016 August 25 Graham Kenny President Reinvent Australia   Why Reinvent? It’s a question that has two answers. The first of these concerns the nation itself - Australia. I suggest that a country, any country, is not a self-correcting mechanism. It doesn’t automatically scale the heights. In fact, as we’ve witnessed around the world, in Africa for instance, it’s hard to even ge [...]

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Measuring Liveability – Oliver Freeman

The Domain Liveable Sydney report (announced in the SMH 1 August 2016) uses 16 defining factors to rank Sydney’s suburbs as to their liveability. The outcomes from the research are well-documented and it is not my purpose to provide a critique of them. My interest is that the report begs the question – why are these the sixteen defining categories and who says so? What about local council attitude [...]

Innovating Innovation – Oliver Freeman

With the announcement last December of Malcolm Turnbull’s innovation statement, discussion about innovation was all the buzz. Just as it was in the last twenty-one years when then Prime Ministers Paul Keating, John Howard and then later Julia Gillard played their hands. No doubt, it will reappear again in the next year or so when the current government has done its dash. But each time the debate a [...]

Shared Vision for Australia – Oliver Freeman

For the record may I remind you at this point that Blind Freddy who will appear more than once in my few words was one Sir Frederick William Pottinger, the bureaucrat in charge of the Lachlan district of NSW 150 years ago. The success of bushranger Ben Hall in evading capture there in 1862 earned Sir Frederick the nickname "Blind Freddy”. You know the lucky thing about living in Australia is not t [...]

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Community in Reinventing Australia – Oliver Freeman

In 1835, Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville in his classic Democracy in America warned us, following his visit to the newly fledged US, of the tyranny of the majority – the capacity for a citizenry to make really bad decisions on the basis of pure majority politics. In 2004, US journalist Jim Surowiecki, in his book The Wisdom of Crowds, argued that nobody is smarter than all of us, provided – of cou [...]

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Why Australia Needs to Reinvent – Graham Kenny

We’re doing alright aren’t we? I mean, according to the World Bank, Australia’s Gross Domestic Product per head in 2014 was $US61,887. China’s was a middling $US7,594. Our nearest neighbour Papua New Guinea’s figure is a mere $2,108, and even the US is behind us on $US54,629. So, by any international comparison Australia’s doing okay. Aren’t we? Why then, did my LinkedIn question to the Australian [...]

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