Reinvent Australia would be delighted to arrange speakers for your next event around our themes.

Oliver Freeman
Oliver FreemanFounding Member of Reinvent Australia
Oliver, as Australia’s leading scenario planner, is an accomplished public speaker with a special interest in all matters relating to the use of foresight in strategic planning. Oliver has much to say about the print and digital media. He is also deeply interested in the nexus between the creative arts and the world of business, believing there is much to be gained by tapping into the sensibilities of artists as a way of visioning the future and promoting innovation and creativity.
Dr Graham Kenny
Dr Graham KennyPresident of Reinvent Australia
Graham has great fun talking to managers about how to win providing a provocative and dynamic outlook on business strategy, competitiveness and performance measurement. His presentations contain many “light-bulb” moments achieved by unveiling the insights from his 30 years at the cutting edge of corporate strategy. His sessions are fast-paced, interactive and humorous and create a compelling experience that is challenging and personally relevant.

Angus M. Robinson
Angus M. RobinsonSecretary of Reinvent Australia
Angus is an exploration geologist by profession with 20+ years working in various technology and industry development executive roles (including as CEO of the Australian Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association). He is currently focusing on the geotourism industry, as well as maintaining his interest in manufacturing and mining in various capacities. In earlier years he has served in management roles in the tourism and mining industries.