SYDNEY: Australia lacks a long-term strategic approach to addressing the many challenges it faces and Reinvent Australia was established to do something about it.

The Four Corners and Q&A programs on the ABC last night highlighted the growing public concern over a “Big Australia”.

As one answer to hurtling growth, calls have been made by notable Australians including the previous Prime Minister, Tony Abbott; the former Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr; and prominent businessman Dick Smith to cut the migrant intake.

Reinvent Australia’s position is that this doesn’t go far enough. What’s required isn’t adjustment to the same economic-growth model but a different model.

We need a complete re-think of the approach itself recognising its inherent contradictions. These emerge in the Australian Government’s conservation rhetoric on the one hand and their all-consuming action to propel economic growth on the other.

The practice of kicking issues down the road for another time and a different generation has come to an end.

Australia’s future design around economic, environmental and social dimensions needs to be smarter and sustainable – not one based on blind faith and “hope-for-the-best”.

We need an economy in which the Australian population is in harmony with the environment – and itself.

Reinvent Australia Inc. is a not-for-profit association working with the business and community with aspirations to develop a new vision for Australia.


Dr Graham Kenny, 0405 353 606 or email