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Building Australia’s resilience and improving the quality of life for its people

What is Reinvent Australia?

The people involved with Reinvent Australia are concerned about the future quality of life of all Australians. It was established in response to the significant economic and social challenges Australia faces if it is to deliver a prosperous future for all its citizens. This requires engaging in conversations about a shared vision for the nation.

Reinvent Australia works through its members and other key stakeholders to bring about change. It measures its success via its impact on members, government policy makers – including politicians and public servants, education and business leaders, and the public. We:

  • Identify key topics as they become critical
  • Conduct events to change hearts and minds
  • Provide commentary on current social and political events
  • Influence decision-makers in business and politics.

More than a think tank, Reinvent Australia engages, empowers and acts. Our aim is to change the way people think and how they influence decision-making about the issues facing our nation.

Each year we work with our members to focus on a number of key issues. We structure our actions into campaigns.

To find out more about our campaigns – click here.

Latest News and Events

Speaker Event – September 28, 2017, Sydney

You're invited to attend our September 28th FREE speaker and networking session. Jonathan Jutsen, Chairman of the Australian Alliance for Energy Produ [...]

Speaker Event – July 27, 2017, Sydney

Angela Cummine addressed the topic "Is There a Future for Australia's Future Funds?". She answered two specific questions: Who are the beneficiaries o [...]

Speaker Event – May 25, 2017, Sydney

Tim Gibson addressed the topic "Opportunities for Australian Manufacturing" and answered two specific questions: Will we be a country that makes thing [...]

Speaker Event – March 2, 2017, Sydney

Our special speaker was internationally recognised expert on international relations, Dr Elizabeth Thurbon,  Associate Professor, UNSW, https://social [...]

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